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We will be updating this page with all of the good stuff, so stay tuned and check back shortly. Until then, please read about how you can begin to make a difference to the planet when you travel with baggage.

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Hints and tips

The travel industry has a lot of baggage. Baggage is an often overlooked part of the travel industry’s environmental impact and we aim to change that.

Go paperless

and download your boarding pass to your phone and limit extra paper usage

Pack lighter

so the plane is carrying less weight and so requires less fuel to get it off the runway

Go eco

and buy from sustainable and eco-friendly luggage brands who use recycled materials

Limit plastic use

and instead opt for a reusable bottle on your flight and in the departure lounge

Offset carbon

and join schemes to make up for the emissions that you flights produce

Book green

by choosing sustainable accommodation that minimise their impacts on our planet

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