See the world, save it too See the world, save it too

See the world, save it too

We’re on a mission to make travelling with baggage better for our planet. We all dream of leaving footprints in the sand on picturesque beaches, but that doesn’t have to apply to our carbon footprint. Travelling with baggage has a surprising impact on the environment and we’re here to help change that.

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Come to our first in-person workshop

How can the baggage ecosystem collaborate to minimise carbon emissions related to baggage handling without hampering the bottom line

Come join us! Participants attending include airports, airlines and OEMs. We have a full panel and topics selected from experts for you to hear from.

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Unlocking a Greener Future for Travel. Find out more about Greenbaggage.

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The impact behind baggage

The travel industry has a lot of baggage. Baggage is an often overlooked part of the travel industry’s environmental impact and we aim to change that.


of paper used for luggage tags in 2019

24.8 million

bags were mishandled in 2018


additional airmiles required due to mishandled baggage

300,000 trees

are destroyed annually for paper production


of baggage couldn't be directly reconciled with passengers


of CO2 released into the atmosphere due to airtravel

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Join our alliance to support our mission

If you and your organisation believe in this cause, join the Greenbaggage alliance. Your yearly membership helps us invest in research, development, education, workshops and more. You’ll also receive exclusive access to resources, information, networking, partner discounts and promotions.

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Certification Coming Soon

Get Greenbaggage certified

Have you made efforts to reduce your carbon footprint when it comes to baggage? Our experts will review your application and score your efforts and investments. If you meet our standards and are approved for Greenbaggage certification, you’ll be included on our list of recipients and be able to showcase our official mark on your collateral.

Richard Camman, CEO - BagsID

'The Greenbaggage initiative is a much-needed change in the way commercial aviation looks at baggage processing and importantly breaks down the 'whole journey' view of aviation sustainability. With electrification and biofuel technology bringing sustainability to the fore within aviation, there are many wins to be had by pinpointing the opportunities within the baggage handling sphere, bringing a significant reduction of pressure on the planet within the complete baggage journey. We're proud to have initiated Greenbaggage and look forward to the difference it will make in the world and for the future'

Esther Kromhout, NACO Director

NACO’s commitment to sustainability extends to all areas of aviation. As an expert in BHS, sustainability, and terminal planning, we see great potential for reducing the environmental impact of BHS. We’re proud to be part of the Greenbaggage Alliance and shape a more resilient and sustainable future of aviation together!


Be the change you want to see in the world

We know that change has to start somewhere and we believe it starts with you. Travel better by packing lighter, using less single-use plastics on flights and by using baggage made from recycled materials.

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