About us

We’re on a mission to make travelling with baggage better for our planet

Who we are

We are experts in baggage handling operations, sustainability and technology. We are professionals who care, striving to make a difference.

Our aim is to reduce the impact that approximately 1.5 billion travellers and their baggage have on the environment every year through improved efficiencies in baggage handling, better processes and enhanced manufacturing.

Our vision

Our aim is to create a worldwide network of industry professionals and passengers who share our mission and actively contribute to making the world we travel a better place.

The facts behind baggage

The travel industry has a lot of baggage. Baggage is an often overlooked part of the travel industry’s environmental impact and we aim to change that.


of paper used for luggage tags in 2019

24.8 million

bags were mishandled in 2018


additional airmiles required due to mishandled baggage

300,000 trees

are destroyed annually for paper production


of baggage couldn't be directly reconciled with passengers


of CO2 released into the atmosphere due to airtravel

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