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Working in partnership to transform baggage

Sustainable air travel is not possible unless we rethink every part of travel and not just the vehicle that is used to transport you.

For over 70 years, NACO has defined world-leading airport design and pioneered Baggage Handling Systems alongside other advanced aviation solutions that enable airports to deliver sustainable growth and performance.

BagsID and NACO have joined forces to ensure we are at the forefront of a revolution in aviation that will change the face of our industry in the next decade. From revenue recovery and management strategies to sustainable performance and climate resilience, we’re enabling airports to foster growth and improve efficiencies to shape the next generation of aviation.

Our sustainable approach extends to all areas of aviation – from optimising airport space to reduce ecological footprints to increasing resilience with efficient climate disaster mitigation scenarios. In our commitment to a better future for aviation we are particularly interested in the unexplored potential of Baggage. As experts in Baggage, sustainability, and terminal planning, with extensive experience in projects worldwide, together we see the potential for a sustainable future of Baggage.

The Green Baggage Alliance (GBA) provides a much-needed platform for sharing knowledge and exploring the possibilities to improve baggage handling processes. Bringing together airports, airlines, suppliers, ground handlers, and knowledge centres, GBA will foster international collaboration in the industry. NACO and BagsID are proud founders of the Green Baggage Alliance as we look to shape the sustainable future of aviation together!

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